Water Well Drilling and Water Pump Pressure Systems

Water Well Drilling and Water Pump Pressure Systems
Water Well Drilling and Water Pump Pressure Systems 2019-07-20T14:35:54-04:00

EADES WELL DRILLING Superior Water Systems PermaFlow Aqua System

Water Well Drilling
Well and Water Pump Pressure Systems

Whatever your lifestyle or requirement we have a system for you.

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EADES WELL DRILLING New Drilled Water Wells

New Drilled Water Wells

Water is the liq­uid of life, pure and sim­ple. EADES WELL DRILLING is lit­er­al­ly in the dirt now for Four Decades, find­ing cool, sweet water for your home, farm and busi­ness needs with our Pure­Flow™ Sys­tems. Have your new well installed by EADES WELL DRILLING. Read more about Drilled Wells.

EADES WELL DRILLING Pump Well Water Pressure Systems

Water Pumps and Pressure Tank Systems

Qual­i­ty water and ade­quate water pres­sure through­out your home brings enjoy­ment from the ear­ly morn­ing, hot, steamy show­er, to the end of the day, clean spark­ing dish­es from the dish­wash­er, and every­thing in between. Great pres­sure, great joy ! Read more about Water Pumps and Pres­sure Tanks.


Agricultural | Livestock | Irrigation | Water Pump Systems

Strong healthy live­stock to lush green boun­ti­ful crops rely on clean water for dis­ease free growth and life itself. Plen­ty of water, pres­sure sys­tems to deliv­er it where need­ed, assists Moth­er Nature to do her thing. Read more about Agri­cul­tur­al and Irri­ga­tion Pump Sys­tems.


With four decades of indus­try expe­ri­ence with well water sys­tems, pres­sure sys­tems, water pumps, jet pumps, sub­mersible pumps, above and below grade buried water lines, we have the exper­tise, knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence to han­dle any water sys­tem require­ment from domes­tic home use to busi­ness and com­mer­cial set­tings. The bet­ter choice for home own­ers, busi­ness and agri­cul­tur­al sys­tems.

Water is tak­en for grant­ed, when the tap is turned on, it is there, and we drink it when thirsty, one of count­less uses for water every­day. When the tap is turned on, do you know what is going on down in the well ? Is the water avail­able for all of your needs, or is it slow­ly becom­ing less ? Well Yield Tests will answer those ques­tions and more. With down the hole CCTV cam­era we can see first hand the con­di­tion of your well. Don’t be fooled by the water pres­sure. Call now : +1 705 374 5480 | 1 877 270 9355
Water flow not what it should be ? EADES WELL DRILLING Well NewLife™ has answers and help for you. Many water wells sim­ply may need some main­te­nance to restore good water flow. With the use of a down hole video cam­era to pro­vide real time insight for accu­rate assess­ment, the nec­es­sary reme­di­al actions required to restore prop­er ser­vice can be deter­mined. Call now : +1 705 374 5480 | 1 877 270 9355
The old­est known dug wells date to 7500 BC, with those from the Neolith­ic peri­od, around 6500 BC. The odds are, old wells on your prop­er­ty are of mod­ern ori­gin, dug or drilled, with­in the last cen­tu­ry or so — ser­vice life rel­e­gat­ed to mem­o­ries of ear­li­er times. The eas­i­est way to con­t­a­m­i­nate all drink­ing water in the area and that of your neigh­bors is to fill it with junk and garbage with pos­si­ble pol­lu­tants seep­ing into the sur­round­ing water table. A trag­ic recipe for dis­as­ter. Be safe and envi­ron­men­tal­ly respon­si­ble. Call EADES WELL DRILLING to pro­fes­sion­al­ly decom­mis­sion the well to meet or exceed all reg­u­la­to­ry require­ments. Call now : +1 705 374 5480 | 1 877 270 9355


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