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Water is the liq­uid of life, pure and sim­ple. EADES WELL DRILLING is lit­er­al­ly in the dirt now for Four Decades, find­ing cool, sweet water for your home, farm and busi­ness needs with our Pure­Flow™ Systems.

Thought du Jour

Well Water Systems – The Game Play

EADES WELL DRILLING Pressure For All Requirments

The excite­ment of a new home is a thrilling expe­ri­ence. In the plan­ning phase, floor plan, heat­ing and cen­tral air con­di­tion­ing, rooms, en suite, bath­rooms, fix­tures, win­dows, doors, floor­ing, stair­cas­es, exte­ri­or sid­ing or brick, land­scap­ing, in-ground sprin­kler sys­tems, décor and colour motif, fill the plan­ning hours. The elec­tri­cal ser­vice is decid­ed upon and the plumber is doing his thing.

Wait ! Some­thing is miss­ing ! What about the water ? Where is it going to come from ? Oh ! Yes ! The Well. It’s just a hole in the ground and then there will be water for all needs…right ? The well can go any­where cor­rect?… maybe there or over there ?

What do you mean the Mort­gage Com­pa­ny or Bank may want to see water flow tests and water qual­i­ty results before the mort­gage is approved ?

The prover­bial detail pin is about to burst the new home dream bub­ble. You mean to tell me my home is vir­tu­al­ly worth­less with­out a prop­er well ?

Unfor­tu­nate­ly yes ! No water, no life, it’s as sim­ple as that.

The Ground Game

You meant to tell me, the water comes first ? Yes it does, with­out water, the rest does not mat­ter. What do you mean the rest does­n’t mat­ter … the house is going to be beau­ti­ful. Yes it will be beau­ti­ful, how­ev­er, with­out prop­er water sup­ply and pres­sure sys­tem, the qual­i­ty of mod­ern life with­in becomes a misery.

A well is not an end­less sup­ply from potable munic­i­pal sys­tems. You can’t sim­ply hook up the gar­den hose, drag it to the pool and fill it for a week. It does­n’t work that way.

A well and prop­er deliv­ery sys­tem includ­ing pres­sure and arte­r­i­al sup­ply make for a hap­py home with all the house­hold water needs met and more. A well to give long ser­vice needs to be planned and looked after.

EADES WELL DRILLING Water Well Pressure Systems For All Requirements

What does all this mean ?

It means with prop­er plan­ning, deliv­ery sys­tem, pres­sure tanks and prop­er plumb­ing a dish­wash­er com­ing on does not reduce the show­er to a trick­le nor does the kitchen sink cold water tap turn­ing on for a drink pro­duce scald­ing show­er results else­where. It’s a process of bal­ances. WELL + Water + Pump + Sus­tained Deliv­ery + Pres­sure Sys­tem + Arte­r­i­al Plumb­ing = Good Living.

Where do I start ?

EADES WELL DRILLING is your new home team mem­ber, a stake hold­er in ensur­ing water for all needs. Call us now ! +1 705 374 5480 | 1 877 270 9355